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Discover the Ancient Living Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva


Do you have a thing for ancient ruins?
Love the tingle in your stomach on an adventurous, off-the-beaten-track drive?
Have an excellent eye for capturing the perfect frame?

Then this is the adventure for you!

The ancient Neelkanth temple is a perched high on a plateau within the boundaries of Sariska National Park. It is accessible only by a steep and challenging drive up a mountain that features Insta-worthy, mountain-top views of the Tehla region. During monsoon season, a landscape of lush, emerald green grasses and trees are punctuated by seasonal water bodies transforming the area into a paradise for migratory birds.

On the 40 minute drive to Neelkanth in our private jeep, you will pass through small villages, rural hamlets and farmlands revealing a world that is far removed from the urban sprawl of city living.

Neelkanth is an ancient living temple that dates back to the 6th - 10th century CE and is one of the oldest living temples in India. Its main sanctum houses an ancient Shiva idol that is cared for by a lineage of generational priests.

Surrounding the area around Neelkanth, you will discover beautifully carved stone fragments that once graced one of the many other temples in the area. It’s believed that at one time over 380 temples were built in this region. A 10th century CE standing Jain sculpture of Tirthankara Shantinath is also found near the Neelkanth temple and points to the important position Jains would have held in society at the time.

Take a slow leisurely walk exploring around the ruins. You will find inspiration to sketch, capture the perfect frame, and let your imagination run wild to envision what people would have lived like over a thousand years ago.

Every Neelkanth excursion is followed by a sumptuous outdoor breakfast at a secret location scouted by our rangers. You will return from this adventure with all your senses inspired and captivated!

Things to Know

Number of Guests:



High Tea / Breakfast Options at Picnic Spot


Pets are welcomed on this excursion though pets are not allowed in the temple. Your pet must be on a leash at all times for their safety.

Accompanied by Utsav Camp Naturalist:


Activity Level


You will drive up to Neelkanth where you can walk the grounds. It is a leisurely, easy walk that you take at your own pace on even terrain. You will be driven to  the location for breakfast.


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