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Reset Your Rhythm
to Harness the Soul-Healing Power of Nature! 
- Shalini Magdel Das
“Where do I start? If picture perfect could only sum up how beautiful and breathtaking this place is. Being a workaholic, I never realized what 'the art of doing nothing' even means. I learned it here. I learned to hear my thoughts. I learned to be humble. I learned to be slow, to enjoy every breath I take.”

Utsav Camp Sariska offers a soothing panacea to the fast-paced and intense demands of the urban jungle lifestyle.


Just 2.5 hours from Jaipur and 4 hours from Delhi, stay with us to replenish your spirit, awaken your senses, and reconnect with nature.


Expect your daily digital routine to be disrupted and replaced with the rhythmic cycles of the sun and moon. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming, enjoying long and leisurely afternoon naps, and waking up fully rested and refreshed every morning!

To make the most of your stay, here are some guidelines to help ease you into slow and mindful living.

Utsav Camp has NO WiFi or TV in any of our Swiss Tents or Stone Cabins!

There’s NO room service and NO mini-refrigerators in the rooms.

Leave your plastic bottles & packaged snacks at home.

There are no manicured lawns or trimmed hedges at Utsav Camp Sariska.

Unplug to Reconnect


Treat yourself with a break from your digital devices! 
Utsav Camp has NO WiFi or TV in any of our Swiss Tents or Stone Cabins! Most mobile carriers have limited networks in the remote area where Utsav Camp is located and your mobile’s data and calling connectivity may be out of reach.

By not being constantly plugged in, you can rediscover the things you love, fuel your soul, reconnect with your loved ones, and remember how being present can feel easy and natural:

  • Read that novel you’ve been meaning to!

  • Take a slow stroll just because you can! 

  • Invest in the art of doing exactly nothing, without feeling guilty or stressed out with your phone constantly pinging! 

While we encourage you to take a much deserved break from the digital highway, we know that there are times you might need to check in. Our front lobby and library have WiFi that you can access and connect to. 

Embrace Copacetic Co-existence


Keep critters out of your room!
Many birds, insects, furry critters, plants, trees and flowers call Utsav Camp home. Each one of these beings, our staff and all our guests play an important role in balancing the delicate ecosystem here.

All of our tents and cabins feature discreet, private outdoor seating areas. Remember that not only do you have other guests as neighbors but also a variety of wildlife that call Utsav Camp home. 


Follow these tips to be a responsible custodian and enjoy the harmonious environment! 

  • To keep rooms clean and sanitary, there’s NO room service for food or snacks, and NO mini-refrigerators in any of the rooms.

  • Keep insects and critters outside your room by refraining from eating in your room.

  • Be sure to store any snacks you’ve carried with you in sealed containers.

  • Don’t leave any crumbs around. Open food items and crumbs are an invitation to a picnic in your room with the resident Utsav Camp bugs and insects!

  • Leave your portable speakers and sound systems at home. You’ll discover a symphony of bird songs during the day and crooning critters that sing night melodies!

Go Green & Clean


Help us to reduce our carbon footprint!
Utsav Camp is located in a remote area surrounded by wilderness. Trash collection is not regular and we take great care to minimize non-biodegradable trash and reduce our carbon footprint.

Thank you for keeping

Utsav Camp green and clean!

We separate and sort trash to manage disposal effectively. All of our biodegradable waste like vegetable and fruit peels, coffee and tea grinds, and other food waste is composted and used to nourish the multitude of plants and trees at Utsav Camp. 


No plastic bottled water or other plastic bottled beverages are offered at Utsav Camp. All rooms are provided with filtered RO water in glass bottles that are replenished daily and on request. A basket of healthy snacks is available in your room on arrival.

  • Do not bring packaged snacks like chips, biscuits, and namkeen that come in plastic or foiled pouches. 

  • If you do carry any food items with you, please bring them in your own reusable containers that you can carry back with you.

  • Don’t bring any plastic bottled beverages with you. If you do bring any plastic bottles, we ask that you please take them back with you. It is extremely difficult to manage plastic waste at Utsav Camp and we believe that cutting back on plastic consumption helps Mother Earth breathe easier.

Wilderness Awareness


Follow these safety guidelines.
Utsav Camp is situated in the wilderness of the Tehla region and has no manicured lawns, landscaped gardens or trimmed hedges.

Tehla holds the distinction of being the second darkest place in India and you can see the Milky Way with your naked eye on new moon nights. 

The immediate areas surrounding the camp are pristine, serene and uninhabited by humans. The plants and trees on the property grow and thrive according to their will and with the seasons. The birds and wildlife come and go as they please, foraging for fruits and seeds. Spending time outdoors and watching the wildlife reveals how nature is at work all the time, nourishing itself with the natural cycles of life.


Follow these tips for your safety:

  • Do not go off designated tracks into dense green areas as there may be  snakes and other insects hidden in the brush.

  • Wear long pants and closed, supportive footwear to protect your feet and legs when going on excursions in the boulders or other nature adventures.

  • During safaris and other excursions, remember that you are a guest in the wilderness and try not to disturb the wildlife and flora of the area.

  • Do not pick leaves, flowers or fruits off of the trees and plants on the property or out in the wilderness. It’s like a guest coming to your home and leaving with your favorite chair! You might even end up carrying something or someone you hadn’t planned for!

Maintain awareness and be respectful of your surroundings for a safe and enjoyable stay at Utsav Camp Sariska!

Thank You for Keeping

Utsav Camp Green & Clean!

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