The Utsav Camp Story

Our Approach

We are guided by the principles of slow living, immersive nature experiences and mindful sustainability.

Tehla & Sariska

Utsav Camp is located in Tehla, a village near the less commercial gate for Sariska National Park. Tehla holds the distinction of being the second darkest place in India. 

Our Founder

A trained naturalist with 14 years of hospitality experience, Luv Shekhawat transformed a mostly barren and remote parcel of land to manifest the nature sanctuary he named Utsav Camp.

Our Approach

Slow Living

Our staff is trained to be available when you need, but leave you to bask in the surrounding natural beauty without intrusion. 

With minimal internet connectivity at Utsav Camp, we encourage you to reconnect with the natural rhythms of nature. (If you do get the itch to check your Instagram and emails, you can connect to the outside world in our office area!)
Featuring a changing seasonal menu, our kitchen follows slow food practices by preparing freshly cooked meals daily that emphasize local ingredients and flavors.




Utsav Camp is designed to allow you to soak in natural beauty with minimum distraction and maximum comfort. Spread out across 6+ acres of private land, you will find yourself immersed in the rejuvenating power of nature at every turn.

All of our rooms, buildings and structures pull from surrounding natural elements and resources to blend seamlessly with the environment, creating a peaceful and soothing sanctuary of rustic luxury.

You will find yourself waking naturally with the gentle light of sunrise, energized by the joyful chirping of birds. As evening sets in, sink into the feeling of deep peace as flocks of birds retreat to their nests for the night, and the stars take over the vast canvas of the sky.


Utsav Camp is committed to supporting the environment and local ecosystems with mindful and sustainable business practices.

Focusing on local resources like fresh produce and employing locals in the area, allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and support local employment and business opportunities. 

Water and energy conservation is especially critical in Rajasthan. We use only solar power for hot water, have a filtration system that cleans and reuses water from our pool to water plants all over the property, and have pledged to avoid the use of single use plastics. We offer complimentary filtered water and refillable bottles for every guest. Mineral water is also available for purchase.

We’ve also planted over 3,000 trees and flora on the property which attracts more than 42 different species of birds. You will awaken to a symphony of chirps and calls you’ve never experienced before! 


Tehla & Sariska


Tehla is a rural area where most of the villagers are traditional herders and farmers. The surreal landscape is characterized by pre-historic boulders, softened by the winds of time, jutting out of the earth.

Seasonal water bodies are dotted across the area which become swimming holes for buffaloes and cranes. Nearby, the ancient but living temple of Neelkanth is accessible only by a steep and mostly unused road. Utsav Camp offers jeep excursions to explore this hidden gem on an adventurous route which boasts exclusive mountaintop views of the Tehla region.


On way to Tehla, you will go through the nearby village of Golakabbas which features many local artisans specializing in marble carving and ornamental statues. You can stop and shop for a hand carved statue for your garden or home! 



Sariska National Park

At 1,300 square kilometers, Sariska National Park is one of the largest national parks of India. The elusive tiger is the most famous of its inhabitants but you will also encounter wild hyenas, blue buck deer, over 280 species of local and seasonal migratory birds, sambhar deer, jackals, Indian leopards, wild boar, civet cats, honey badgers, langoors, ruddy mongoose and more. 

Booking a private safari with our in house naturalist will take you through the changing landscape of the park and nearby uninhabited areas while learning about the flora, fauna, and wildlife you come across on your excursion. 

Learn more about Utsav Camp’s experiences here 

Our Founder

"When I was conceptualizing the space for Utsav, one of the most important points was to not disturb the trees. I tried to build around the trees and that’s why sometimes you’ll find one seemingly growing out of nowhere!


I’ve traveled to many destinations, but Utsav Camp is still my favorite place to be. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have."

Luv Shekhawat




Luv Shekhwat is a trained naturalist and a hospitality management graduate with 14 years of experience. He cut his teeth at the Taj Group of properties before casting his net to catch hold of his dream.


In 2011, he purchased the land where Utsav Camp is located. Mostly barren and located in a remote area, many were skeptical about his investment. But regardless of what anyone said, this parcel of land had called to his heart and tugged at his spirit.

Over the next four years, Luv poured his sweat, blood, heart and soul into the land and cultivated it with all kinds of trees and plants. Many did not survive. But he kept going and took endless trips between Jaipur and Tehla to develop the property and see his vision through.



Utsav Camp was born and opened its doors to the public in 2015 with ten luxury tents. The addition of nine contemporary stone cottages with panoramic sliding door windows that blend the divide between man-made and nature was completed in 2019.


Other recent additions include a rooftop bar and lounge area where guests can soak in the sky and a newly built infinity pool that’s surrounded by mountain views.

Today, he maintains the property with the principle of keeping the grounds as close to a natural state as possible.


The fruit trees you come across, that are scattered throughout the property, are the trees that survived the harsh Rajasthani climate over the four years that Luv cultivated the land. They stand as an enduring symbol and reminder of the fruit of persistence.