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Bird on a branch at Sariska


We Bring You Close to Nature to Make You Fall in Love with It All over Again.
Who We Are


Located in a remote area near the boulders of Tehla, Utsav Camp Sariska is a nature retreat founded with the intention of creating a sanctuary where you can reconnect with Mother Nature.

Utsav Camp Sariska was born from love, devotion and determination. Founded by Luv Shekhawat, a trained naturalist with over 20 years of hospitality management experience, Luv fell in love with the boulders of Tehla. Every time he visited, he felt a deep sense of peace anchor his heart.


In 2011, when the opportunity to purchase a mostly barren parcel of land in the area came up, Luv took that as a sign to manifest his dream of developing a place where people could come to find peace and rejuvenate their souls with the healing power of nature.


When I was conceptualizing the space for Utsav, one of the most important points was to not disturb the trees. I tried to build around the trees and that’s why sometimes you’ll find one seemingly growing out of nowhere!


I’ve traveled to many destinations, but Utsav Camp is still my favorite place to be. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have.

Luv Shekhawat
Founder, Utsav Camp Sariska

Over the next four years, under the guidance of his grandfather, Luv poured his sweat, blood, heart and soul into the land and cultivated it with all kinds of trees and plants. Many did not survive. But he kept going and took endless trips between Jaipur and Tehla to develop the property and see his vision through.


Perhaps it was persistence, or perhaps the blessings of the boulders, or most likely both; today, Utsav Camp Sariska offers guests an immersive nature experience that soothes your soul.

What We Offer


The holistic nature experience offered at Utsav Camp encourages you to develop your own personal relationship with nature. 

The fast-paced lifestyle of urban living can leave you chronically depleted and disconnected from your ancient, integral connection to Mother Nature. Utsav Camp is designed to encourage a deeply restorative healing process that is facilitated through directly engaging with the natural world.


Everything from your stay in our tents and stone cabins, our curated outdoor adventures, and fresh, seasonal food menu will nourish you and ease you away from mindless scrolling towards mindful living. By coming closer to nature, you will realize a deeper understanding and appreciation of wilderness.

As your rhythm is naturally realigned with the cycles of the sun and moon, your body will feel rested and relaxed. Your spirit will rejuvenate itself with the sights and sounds of songbirds, the whisper of the wind rustling in the leaves, and the wonder of witnessing wildlife in their natural habitats.

Why We Do It


As nature lovers we can leave behind a legacy so future generations can appreciate and enjoy the healing powers of Mother Earth.

We embrace a philosophy of mindful consumption to support the surrounding natural habitat and enable a thriving local ecosystem.


Reducing our carbon footprint and investing in the local economy allows us to make a greater impact with the choices we make. Over 85% of our team members are from Tehla and nearby villages and we are proud to support local families.


We follow the Zero Mile approach for sourcing fresh ingredients for our seasonal menu. We have our own pesticide and chemical-free garden to provide fresh vegetables and herbs for our kitchen. We use manure from the resident Utsav Camp dairy cows and vermicompost in our garden to nourish the soil and plants.

Waste management is one of the greatest challenges for the 21st century. At Utsav Camp, we avoid the use of plastic bottles and all rooms are provided with reverse osmosis filtered water in glass bottles. All our trash is segregated and we compost all biodegradable waste. Guests help us to reduce non-biodegradable waste by not carrying disposable plastic bottles or packaged food in plastic pouches or bags.


The hundreds of indigenous trees and plants that have been planted on the property help maintain the ground water table at healthy levels. Indigenous trees and plants are naturally suited to the harsh Rajasthan summers and don’t require extra water or special care to thrive. To help reduce our water consumption, linens and towels are changed on request only.


We recognize the importance of investing in clean energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. To reduce our energy consumption, we installed 34 KW solar panels and make an impact with a reduction of over 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.


Our trained naturalists and rangers regularly document local wildlife with the aid of camera traps and photography. We have also mapped out the habitats around Utsav Camp and maintain checklists of indigenous flora and fauna.

We continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our green initiatives so that wildlife in the surrounding areas can thrive.

Utsav Camp Swiss Tents
We welcome you to come and reset, replenish, and reconnect with nature.