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Utsav Camp Sariska Forest Lounge


Sleep with the stars, rise with the birds...

Just 2.5 hours from Jaipur and 4 hours from Delhi, Utsav Camp is a peaceful sanctuary set in the Tehla region, surrounded by boulders, deciduous forests and the Aravali hills. 
Explore an immersive experience that harnesses the healing power of nature to replenish your spirit, rejuvenate your body, and reset your rhythm. 


Become enchanted with nature in the welcoming comfort of our tents and stone cabins.


Discover holistic outdoor experiences that allow you to engage directly with wildlife and the natural world while feeling safe and comfortable. Curated and designed by our founder, Luv Shekhawat & resident Naturalists.
Bird Wacting Experiences at Utsav Camp Sariska


Expect to replace your daily digital routine and discover how it feels to align with the cycles of the sun and moon.

Expect an experience that will replenish your spirit, awaken your senses, and heal from the inside out by becoming reconnected with nature.

Expect to find yourself daydreaming, enjoying leisurely afternoon naps, and rising fully rested and refreshed every morning.

The Utsav Camp Experience  guidelines will ease you into slow and mindful living.

Perfect Getaway

Utsav Camp was the perfect combination of comfort and wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful, very sweet and ensured a brilliant stay. The property is beautiful! It was a perfect getaway. Go asap if you haven’t!


- Prakshi G



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