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We Welcome Your Furry Family at Utsav Camp Sariska!

We know that pets are family and we welcome your furry family at Utsav Camp Sariska!


We want your stay to be enriching and relaxing. For the safety and well-being of your pet, other guests and the resident wildlife, please review and follow our guidelines to make the most of your stay:


We encourage you to enjoy the fresh air and being in nature with your pet on a leash at all times. This is essential for the safety of your furry family member, the well-being of the many birds, wild critters and small animals that call Utsav Camp Sariska home, and for the comfort of other guests who may feel shy or apprehensive around your pet.


Please refrain from bringing your pet to any dining areas and the library out of consideration to other guests who may have allergies or are not comfortable around furry friends.

There are many open field areas around the property where you may guide your leashed pet to relieve him/herself. Please do not allow your pet to relieve him/herself on the stone-paved tracks so that we can maintain a safe and hygienic environment for all our guests. In case you are not sure where to go, please ask any team member to guide you or dial 9 for assistance from the front desk.


Please note that pets are not allowed in the pool or pool area at any times.


Pets are welcome to join you on private excursions like our Nature & Boulder Walks.However, pets are not allowed on safaris through Sariska National Park as per the Park’s policy.


Our rooms are furnished for your and your pet’s maximum comfort and pleasure. All rooms are spotlessly cleaned on departure in preparation for our next guests. A nominal pet cleaning fee of Rs 500 per day is charged in addition to the cost of the room that is conveyed and charged during the reservation process. Please note that in case there has been any damage to cushions, rugs, linens or furniture we will issue a bill for the same at the time of check-out.

We hope you and your furry family members enjoy your stay at Utsav Camp Sariska! 
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