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All Stones Aren’t Created Equal

Eco-History Boulder Hike

Take a guided hike through a living museum to discover the story of the beginnings of the earth and explore how the past and present coexist.

The surreal boulder landscape that surrounds Utsav camp is one of the oldest natural habitats in the world. The boulder formations date back to the Paleoproterozoic and Mesopaleoproterozoic ages, from 2,500 -1,000 million years ago. The major events during these eras are marked by the formation and shifting of the super continents as well as the evolution of sexual reproduction which paved the way to complex life forms.

To put things in context, the earliest dinosaurs date back to only 229 million years ago!

As the earth’s crust shifted, magma from deep under the earth’s upper layers was pushed out and took form as the rounded igneous rock formations that today form the boulders around Utsav Camp.

Today, the boulders are home to a plethora of indigenous wildlife, including hyenas, leopards, snakes, lizards and varied species of birds like partridges and peafowls.

Choose from an early morning or evening hike followed by breakfast or high tea under the open sky in the boulders. Embraced by these ancient rocks, surrounded by a mystical silence, and witnessing the sun on a boundless horizon, you will connect to an ancient sacred energy that will fill you with genuine awe.

Things to Know

Number of Guests:



High Tea / Breakfast at Location


Pets are welcomed on this excursion and must be kept on a leash at all times for their safety.

Accompanied by Utsav Camp Naturalist:


Activity Level


This excursion can be customized to your desired adventure level to be a more relaxed and exploratory experience to one that challenges you physically:

  • THE EXPLORER - Walk from Utsav Camp into the boulders. Expect uneven terrain through the boulders as you explore the landscape.

  • THE ADVENTURER - Walk from Utsav Camp into the boulders. Expect to hike up steep boulders for exquisite panoramic views.


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